Hundreds of varieties, millions of pounds of products

C&C stocks hundreds of varieties of meat products from around the world. At any given time their data systems are tracking several million pounds of product. The computer tracking of each lot from its source through to processing and delivery means optimum product rotation and the capability to deliver product aged to customer specification.

Both fresh and frozen storage facilities in the C&C plant are equipped with custom-built, 5 deep, mobile pallet racking that provides ready access to the entire inventory. More choice, easily reached, means better service and quality, as well as faster delivery.

HACCP accredited, Canadian certified re-inspection facilities means the maximum in quality assurance

The C&C warehouse in Montreal is operated as a Canadian certified re-inspection facility. Which means there is no lost time and no additional handling to obtain government inspections. This means better service to C&C customers.

C&C is proud of its HACCP accreditation. These procedures ensure meticulous inspection methods are applied from the moment product is received through to delivery to our customers, insuring the wholesomeness and quality of all our products.