Canadian Diamond AAA Black Angus
Succulent & tender – Canadian Diamond AAA Black Angus beef will satisfy consumers’ cravings & those searching for value without sacrificing quality. Meticulously selected, hand-made & prepared to satisfy with tenderness, taste & mouth-watering flavour. Transform dinner & dining!

  • Lasting loyalty
  • Trusted genetics & breed
  • Premium-fed nutrition
  • Hand-crafted preparation
  • An outcome exceeding all expectation

Canadian Diamond AAA Black AngusThere are six considerations in the determination of the final AAA grade – these attributes include:

  1. marbling
  2. maturity
  3. meat colour
  4. fat colour
  5. muscling
  6. meat texture

Look to Canadian Diamond AAA Black Angus to provide a full selection of options – quality local products tailored with the consumer in mind.

Canadian Diamond AAA Black Angus Beef is special because it all begins with the selection of only a true ‘Black Angus’ breed.