C&C sources a wide variety
of quality meat products


C&C bulk-buys top grades of beef from around the world. Western Canadian beef is considered to be some of the best and C&C specializes in providing clients with products suited to their market.



Pork plays a key role in today’s food industry. Pork handled by C&C is selected from the top tier of government inspected producers, and is packaged to meet both industry standards as well as specific client requirements.

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Long a favourite of top restaurant chefs, highest quality Veal is now available to the discerning home cook as well. C&C offers a full range of Veal products and is marketing a Cryovac® individual serving of gourmet cuts, getting your Veal from the freezer to your plate in minutes with no waste.



C&C sources fresh and frozen Lamb from respected Canadian and overseas abattoirs. It is available in custom packaging or industry standard and C&C will deliver the quantities the client needs on a next day schedule.



C&C sells whole broilers, roasters and Cornish hens in a full range of sizes. Packages of chicken parts are also available in commercial quantity and custom packaging can be developed to meet client needs.



Not just a country in the Eastern end of the Mediterranean, Turkey is a North American native and favorite on the table. C&C provides ready-to-cook whole birds as well as increasingly popular cuts.



C&C will source any meat product their customers require, such as BISON, OSTRICH, HORSE and others. These products as well as others can be sold by customer specifications, packaged and distributed using C&C’s expertise and facilities.