C&C is a one stop supplier
of all meat products

C&C brings the world’s protein to local customers

C&C brings a global supply of meat products to fill local needs throughout Canada and the North Eastern United States. Serving major supermarket chains, HRI distributors and purveyors, C&C is a one stop supplier of all meat products.

Purchasing up to full container quantities from slaughterhouses located in Canada, the USA, throughout the European Union (EU), Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, and Uruguay, C&C actively pushes for the best market price.

Wherever quality product is being sold, C&C is ready to source goods for their customers. They’ve built a network of dependable supplier partnerships through years of commodity operation. C&C believes the discerning selection of suppliers is essential to meeting customer’s quality and delivery expectations.

C&C uses bulk buying power to provide the very best selection and price

As a bulk purchaser with in-house processing facilities and a broad institutional customer base, C&C can cater to the specific needs of all customers. From fast food to gourmet, the product can be tailored, packaged and delivered on a reliable and competitive basis.

C&C’s local service offices ensure salespeople are close to all their key markets, ready to visit and discuss all aspects of the customer’s needs. They are also there to follow-up after delivery.

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