The core of Canada’s food quality program

The letters mean Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point, but there’s a lot more to it than these five words. It’s a way of working that insures customers get proven quality and the assurance of healthy and wholesome food.

Every step in the food handling chain – premises, transportation and storage, equipment maintenance and calibration, sanitation, personnel, and recall procedures must have critical control procedures in place that meet International HACCP standards.

C&C is a willing participant in the Canadian application of a continent wide effort to make our food safe, healthy and wholesome.

The seven basic principles of HACCP are:

  1. Identify the hazards and list preventive measures to control them.
  2. Determine the critical control points.
  3. Establish limits at each critical control point.
  4. Establish procedures to monitor the critical control points.
  5. Establish corrective action to be taken in case of a deviation.
  6. Establish procedures to verify that the systems are working correctly.
  7. Establish effective record-keeping.